What Makes Us So Special?

When you work with madison/miles media, you’re hiring a seasoned team of content marketing professionals who will:
  • Audit and analyze your content’s positioning from a strategic perspective.
  • Acquire a deep knowledge of your company’s content marketing objectives, as well as your industry’s information needs.
  • Implement and maintain processes to create compelling content that delivers results.
  • Regularly measure the results of your content initiatives.
  • Recommend additional content-driven initiatives to further benefit your audience and drive revenue.
  • Produce top-notch content.

“ They are extremely responsive, and overall just a great firm to work with.”

Rachel Sanchez, CEO, Prestige Maintenance USA

What Else Do You Get?

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Content + Revenue

We’re the only content marketing agency that also develops and manages ad sales programs—everything from identifying key prospects to determining ad opportunities and call frequencies. We apply the same creativity to sales as we do to content, creating ad packages to sell across your entire portfolio, and finding revenue in high-value ad opportunities that cost you little or nothing.

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A True Marketing Partner

We act as an extension of and advisor to your marketing department, helping them reach your company’s business objectives. That said, for some of our clients, we do handle all of their communication needs, serving as their entire marketing department.

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Quantifiable Results

Measurability is built into every madison/miles content initiative. After all, if you don’t get quantifiable data about the initiative’s results, how do you know it’s working?

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Consistent Processes

Sure, creativity can be somewhat of a nebulous, fuzzy task—but when your dollars are on the line, you need to know that your content is being handled in the most professional manner possible. That’s why every one of our processes is fully documented and consistently followed, ensuring each project’s timeliness, consistency and success.

Smart Spending icon
Smart Spending

We rely on a combination of long-term contract creative personnel combined with internal staff, and we use variety of open-source software solutions, from WordPress for content management to Gimp for photo editing, all of which helps us minimize costs—which, in turn, means better prices for you.

Warm Fuzzies icon
Warm Fuzzies

As an active member of our local community, we contribute a percentage of profits to local charitable and civic projects. We also encourage our clients to conserve resources, offering discounted printing rates relative to the percentage of recycled paper used for each project.