Social Media Marketing

Social media has become an affordable and effective form of marketing, yet more than half of marketers don’t have a documented social media marketing strategy. Without a sound strategy, you might still get some benefit from using social media marketing — but that’s nothing compared to the kind of results you could enjoy if you had a well-planned strategy. 

As an experienced social media marketing agency, we know how to help you make the most of your accounts. It’s not unusual for companies to find themselves too pressed for time to stay active on their accounts — and that’s where madison/miles media comes in.

Social Media Marketing for Small And Medium Businesses

From writing social media posts to taking over the scheduling and promoting your brand, products or services, we ensure that you have a consistent, powerful social media presence. And that’s just the beginning of our social media marketing services. 

At m3, we understand that each social media channel has its own unique appeal and audience, which is why echoing the same content across all your channels isn’t effective. After identifying your customers on each channel, we ensure that the correct types of posts are being used on each social media account. Then we’ll optimize views, likes, re-tweets and shares to make sure you’re getting the most mileage possible across all your channels.  

Using analytical tools, we’ll do a deep dive into your data to gain more insight on your customers. And, by doing thorough (and frequent) competitor analysis, we can help keep you ahead of the curve and at the forefront of your industry. 

Don’t leave your social media strategy to chance; let us show you how our social media marketing services can give you the results and ROI you’ve been missing.

“They’ve just been a terrific asset. A lot of times the conversations we have with them will take us in a direction that we did not initially anticipate, and we love having access to that braintrust.”

Michelle Packard-Milam, Executive Director, Mended Hearts