our commitment to responsible technology use

We are a content-driven digital marketing agency that believes in the power of your brand story. That’s our starting line. Always.

We choose the best people, platforms and technologies to help us craft engaging stories that attract prospects, grow audiences and increase revenue for our clients. We do the work, we love the work and we wow our clients.

And as technology evolves, so do the tools we use to create the work you love. With that in mind, here’s our commitment to you:

we prioritize

We’re all about that human touch. We use all kinds of tech platforms and tools (including AI) to support, not supplant our awesome humans. People make the decisions here.

we take

When it comes to accountability, we hold firm. We are accountable for all decisions, actions and content, even when assisted by AI.

we do what’s right,
not what’s easy

We adhere strictly to data privacy laws; we mitigate privacy risks; and we always follow our moral compass — even when laws and regulations trail behind AI’s fast pace.

we champion

We’re big fans of human creativity, knowledge, emotions, experiences and imagination. We embrace AI’s potential as a creativity aid — without taking the human out of the equation.

we power
positive change

We believe in the might of words, images and videos — all things that educate, influence and inspire change. But there’s a line we won’t cross: using AI for deception or spreading misinformation. Not our style.

we respect
AI’s boundaries

AI isn’t perfect. We’re mindful of its limitations and risks, and that factors into the way we use it.

we remain
authentically awesome

When it comes to transparency in data and AI use, we’re an open book. Trust is everything to us, and we aim to keep it that way. Want more details on how we use AI in marketing?
Just ask.

we’re always

Technology moves quickly. We will continue to learn, grow, listen and adapt in real time.

These principles are adapted from those put forth by the Marketing AI Institute, licensed under CC BY 4.0.

our quality-first
approach to AI

the best people. the best tools. the best work.

We look at technology as an ally. Platforms like ChatGPT, HubSpot and others are powerful tools that can help us work better, faster and smarter for you.

Our philosophy is to use AI as one of the many tools in our well-stocked marketing toolbox. Our team is adept at navigating the complex world of AI and using it wisely to give you the best ROI for your marketing efforts.

But we don’t compromise on our commitment to quality. While we may use AI tools to bolster our efforts in research and idea generation, our content is created for humans, by humans, with journalistic integrity and rigor — regardless of the tools we use.