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If a blog post goes live on your website but nobody sees it, does it make a sound? It definitely doesn’t make a positive impact on your ROI.

Getting your content in front of potential prospects and customers takes far more than just building it and hoping they’ll come. It takes a strategic approach to content promotion, a critical digital marketing tactic that includes:

Let m3’s content promotion services increase your company’s visibility, build your online authority, extend the life and reach of your content — and, as we like to call it, share the awesome.

reaching the

We use a variety of tools and techniques to research industry-specific influencers by factors such as relevant keywords, domain authority, social media following size, monthly traffic and willingness to share content.

We’re looking for big and medium-sized fish — influencers who make reaching out worthwhile, but who aren’t so famous that they’re impossible to reach. Another awesome audience: B2B trade publications, many of which are hungry for content from subject-matter experts — and we’re happy to provide it.

Ways for us to connect with influencers on your behalf include blog post comments, retweets and personalized emails — all with the goal of a 5% or greater placement rate.

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