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We’re not big on bragging, but when it comes to content development as a service that fuels successful digital marketing programs, we’re… well, we’re kind of a big deal.

That’s because unlike most agencies, madison/miles media has a deep bench of award-winning writers and editors, which means you’ll always have the right person on the, ahem, write job.

To be clear, we’re not talking about run-of-the-mill marketing writers (no offense to them!). We’re talking trained journalists with years of training and experience, allowing us to maintain the kind of high standards expected from the pros:

  • An eye for details and accuracy
  • Exceptional storytelling skills
  • Rigorous attention to detail
  • Unmatched research capabilities
  • Awesome interviewing skills
  • Adherence to deadlines
  • An uncanny ability to aggregate and synthesize even the most complex information in an engaging way that resonates with readers

In other words, whether it’s a social media blurb, a script for a video to introduce your company’s newest initiative, or an entire lead-generation offer to attract visitors to your site and engage them with useful information we have the right people to tell your brand’s story.

What if your business has highly technical or specialized information? No worries. We can assign subject-matter experts and interview your organization’s own experts — that’s literally what journalists are trained to do.

(And hey, if we can provide award-winning content about angularly bitted keys, ductile iron and population health — and do so in a way that’s accurate and engaging while powering a winning digital marketing program —then we can handle your tough stuff too.)

Blog Posts: mmm, mmm Good

Think of blog posts as the bread and butter of your online world — an unfailingly reliable means of feeding and sustaining your digital marketing program. In fact, this content creation service is so important that for clients whose budgets allow, we suggest doing at least one blog post per week.

Consider this: Companies that increase blogging activity from 3-5 times per month to 6-8 times per month almost double their leads, according to industry data.

But blog posts are also about building an owned asset (your company’s own content library) with recurring and trackable returns. Your library of blog posts will continue to generate traffic and revenue indefinitely — and that’s something ads simply can’t do.

We also suggest longer, more engaging blogs (roughly 800 to 1,500 words) for the reasons explained here and here. (TLDR: All other things being equal, longer content often performs better than shorter content.)

Irrespective of the post’s length, though, we’ll make sure that each one includes a call to action (CTA) for a relevant lead-generation campaign (a content offer). This CTA will take readers to a landing page that captures their contact information and begins the lead nurturing process.

Lead Generation Offers

The content arsenal we’ll build for your business include lead-generation offers, which are built around a premium piece of content — a white paper, e-book, checklist, video or other piece of compelling content that resonates with your buyer personas.

Other key pieces of content we’ll develop for your lead-gen offers include:

  • Calls to action that we’ll place on your website to direct people to the offer (and thereby provide important details, including their contact info)
  • Social media posts that extend the reach and impact of your campaigns
  • Landing pages, thank-you pages and follow-up emails that advance audience members from visitors to customers to brand ambassadors

Let’s Get Visual

Your prospects and customers respond to videos and images—in a big way. Videos included in emails increase clickthrough by 300%. And, incredibly, 75% of viewers visit a company’s website after seeing their video.

Clearly, it’s not enough to tell your story. You have to show it too.

We can help tell your company’s story visually with award-winning video and photography services, from simple quickies that capture for informal communications to business casual videos to full-blown shoots that require a full crew to handle production, direction, editing, narration and more.

Ready for the full picture? Let’s talk!

Print? Gasp!

Even though we’re living in a mostly digital world, sometimes we all need that ol’ trusty go-to: a piece of printed collateral.

From postcards to brochures to posters, printed collateral can provide customers with a tangible representation of a company’s brand and messaging. And even though we’re a content-driven digital marketing agency, we still help our clients with their occasional print requests.

Given that we’re already working with you on your overarching brand and content strategy, we’re in the perfect position to connect the dots between your brand identity and your printed deliverables.

(Looking to do something more ambitious with print, like a full-on magazine? Our sister company, m3Magazines, can help!)

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