Creative Services

You don’t need just a magazine publisher. A web designer isn’t going to cut it. And a social media expert alone isn’t going to get your company where it’s going.

In today’s world of multimedia content, on-the-go audiences and always-on communication, delivering an integrated marketing message requires much more than just a one-platform player. It takes a team of cross-platform content experts. People who can tell your story in print, digital, mobile and social media — and do so in a way that generates measurable results.

That's why we don't just hire editors, designers and developers; we hire storytellers.

It’s why every one of our employees is Hubspot certified in inbound marketing, which is all about creating content that provides ROI. And it’s why everything we do starts with a singular focus: Developing and delivering an integrated content marketing program using the platforms that make sense for your organization, audience and objectives.

Because that's how great stories are told.

Website Design and Development

If you’re like most companies, your website serves as a critical component of not just your marketing but of your entire organization. More than just words, pictures and programming, your site is a reflection of your values; an explanation of why your products and services are different; and a place to tell the story of your company and your employees.

That’s why website design and development doesn’t begin with mockups and wireframes, and it’s not just about choosing colors and fonts.

It’s about turning your company’s story into a site that serves as the center of your content universe.

We’ve designed and developed countless websites for clients ranging from small businesses to national corporations, so rest assured, we know our way around code, SEO optimization, WordPress, accessibility, usability, database integrations, and other critical tech-related issues.

But more importantly, we know how to build engaging websites that serve as a key part of the buyer’s journey. A place where prospects become customers. And customers become brand evangelists.

hand drawn web design crumpled paper background
Looking for even more help with your website?

Our comprehensive m360 Website Program makes the day-to-day business of running your site a totally hands-off process for you. Besides design and development, we’ll handle everything it takes to get your site up and running, and to keep it performing at its peak:

  • Domain name registration and renewal
  • Website hosting
  • Daily site backups
  • 30-day backup archive
  • Malware and security scanning
  • Software updates
  • 24/7 tech support

Magazine Publishing

Print magazines are anything but old school. In fact, no other medium attracts and engages prospects and customers like print magazines.

For many companies, print magazines serve as a critical component in their marketing efforts, helping them reach new prospects and delight current customers in a way that no other content platform could.

And for many of our clients, thanks in part to our advertising sales services, these magazines are cost neutral or positive. That’s right: Their key marketing piece—one that’s delivered to tens of thousands of customers nationwide—actually costs them nothing.

We’ll Handle It All

Many companies find the notion of writing, design, printing and delivering magazines daunting, to put it mildly.

No worries.

We’ve been producing top-notch, award-winning magazines for clients since the day we opened our doors (in fact, one of our co-founders launched his career decades ago in the magazine world). From writing, editing and design to advertising sales, print, postage and shipping, we’ll handle everything it takes to produce a magazine for your organization that gets results.


More than 91% of U.S. adults read print magazines.

The top 25 print magazines reach more adults and teens than the top 25 prime-time TV programs.

Younger adults are the heaviest consumers of print magazines.

Mobile App Design and Development

cattleman plus app

Ready to go mobile? Developing a content-based mobile app that engages your customers isn’t about stuffing your magazine or website onto a different platform. It’s about creating a custom app built specifically for smartphones and tablets—an app that provides an immersive experience tailored just for their device rather than an after-the-fact rehash of a printed publication.

Tablet Apps

Using your magazine’s design files as a starting point, we can reinterpret the magazine for the tablet platform, adding functionality such as pop-ups; integrated audio and video; web links and jump links; image slideshows and galleries; pinch-and-zoom images; and more.

Smartphone Apps

For the smartphone platform, we’ll present your organization’s content in a clean, straightforward manner that’s easy to read—and just as easy to share and interact with, thanks to integrated social features like “commenting” and “forward to a friend.” We can even include a live news channel, pulling in your company’s latest stories, videos and more.

It's So Easy

madison/miles media will handle everything it takes to produce your organization’s mobile app, from the big-picture tasks like strategy, design and development to the small but critical jobs like developer certifications, content reformatting, modified issue layout, and testing and debugging.


Sometimes you don’t need a multiplatform content campaign or a whiz-bang website; you just need the venerable marketing go-to: a piece of printed collateral. From postcard notifications and dinner tickets to brochures and posters, printed collateral provides customers with a tangible representation of your brand and messaging. And if we’re already working with your company on its overarching content strategy, we’re in the perfect position to connect the dots between your brand identity and your printed deliverables.


madison/miles media has a deep bench of award-winning writers (we’re talking everything from Apex Awards to Pulitzer Prizes), which means you’ll always have the right person on the, ahem, write job.

In other words, whether it’s a script for a video to introduce your company’s newest initiative; copy for a PowerPoint presentation and print collateral for an upcoming board meeting; or an entire online campaign to attract visitors to your site and engage them with useful information, we have the right people to tell your brand’s story.

What if your organization has highly technical or specialized information? No worries. We can assign subject-matter experts; interview your organization’s own experts; or edit copy provided by your team to make sure that it meets your brand standards. (And hey, if we can provide award-winning content about angularly bitted keys, ductile iron and population health—and do so in a way that’s accurate and engaging—then we can handle your tough stuff too.)

awards madison/miles media has won

Video and Photography

Let’s get visual. Your prospects and customers respond to videos and images—in a big way. Videos included in emails increase clickthrough by 300%. One minute of video is worth about 1.8 million words. And, incredibly, 75% of viewers visit a company’s website after seeing their video.

Clearly, it's not enough to tell your story.
You have to show it too.
Alliance video

madison/miles can help tell your company’s story visually with award-winning video and photography services for a wide range of needs and budgets, from simple quickies that capture for informal communications to business casual videos to full-blown shoots that require a full crew to handle production, direction, editing, narration and more.