Content Marketing Strategy

By now, you’ve heard it repeatedly, and you get it: Today, companies are publishers.
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Blog posts, email newsletters, social media, magazines, videos, collateral and more—it’s all part of your company’s content. And it’s all part of what makes your company a publisher.

Or, more precisely, a content marketer. One who produces an extraordinary amount of content, every day, on seemingly countless platforms.

But how well is your company doing with content, and how can it do better? Are you creating too much or not enough? Is it the right kind of content? Are you spending too much? Not enough? And, most importantly (gulp), what’s the ROI?

madison/miles media will help you find the answers.
madison/miles media m360 content marketing makeover

We’ve developed a proven system—the m360 Content Marketing Makeover—for getting your arms around all of your organization’s messaging, and implementing an overarching strategy that guides and informs all of your content efforts.

You’ll have a blueprint for delivering the right kinds of content to each audience segment. You’ll get concrete information about when and how to deliver it to make the biggest impact. And you’ll have a detailed plan for using content to get results that make a measurable difference where it counts the most: your bottom line.

The m360 Content Marketing Makeover is our proprietary process for developing an overarching, integrated content strategy that aligns your business objectives with the information needs of your prospects and customers.

How Does it Work?


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We work with your organization’s stakeholders to understand your business objectives, and to refine (or define, if needed) your company’s marketing needs and brand positioning.


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Through a combination of surveys, data analysis and interviews, we study your industry’s landscape, including its challenges, opportunities and competitors. This research allows us to, among other things, determine which business segments have reached content saturation, and those that have content gaps that your organization can fill.


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We create user personas to represent your audience segments and their key characteristics, including their information needs. These personas provide the insights needed to deliver engaging, useful information that truly resonates with prospects and customers.


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We take a deep dive into your organization’s current content, evaluating every platform’s purpose, mission statement and effectiveness in aligning business goals with audience needs.


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We provide clear, actionable, step-by-step recommendations for improving your content’s effectiveness—all of your content, across every platform. This exhaustive collection of suggested next steps addresses everything from writing compelling copy and solving workflow challenges with technology to distributing content effectively and engaging with your audience at every stage of the buyer’s journey.


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If your company’s goals include developing leads and customers via inbound marketing, we provide detailed action items for campaigns, offers, landing pages, SEO, keywords, software and more.


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We define your opportunities for revamped or new content deliverables (e.g., smartphone applications, white papers, etc.) that can help you reach new audience segments and develop new revenue streams.


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We create an integrated content calendar for your organization—one that expands beyond a dated, print-first mindset and instead looks at content as a cross-platform pool of information. Other deliverables include an annual cross-platform production schedule, workflow diagram, content style guide and revamped marketing collateral, as needed.


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madison/miles can bring your content marketing strategy to life, handling all components of the plan, from writing and editing to design and delivery.

Alternatively, if you’d rather handle internally, your marketing team will be armed with the strategic guidance it needs to start turning prospects into customers—and customers into brand ambassadors.

“The madison/miles content evaluation was excellent. We look forward to implementing their suggestions.”

Tim Niedecken, Executive Director, Association Services, TSCRA