3 Reasons Why You Should Be Shooting In-House Videos


If you’re not using video in your content marketing strategy, you’re missing out on easy opportunities to share your company’s story and interact with your customers. There are some initial hurdles to jump (finding story ideas, investing in equipment, training staff), but they’re not as high as you might think.


10 Marketing Skills to Put on Your Resume in 2019

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The new year is finally here! Now is a great time to beef up your resume and increase your skill set to be a more competitive candidate, get a promotion and/or better serve your clients. You can accomplish all three of these goals (and more) by learning new marketing skills.

It’s not just about adding skills; you want to make sure your resume has the right skills that are actually in demand. Certain abilities and skill sets will make you much more appealing to employers and clients.

Here are ten marketing skills to add to your resume this year.

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Why You Should Be Using Video in Your Marketing Efforts

Today, video content is more important than ever for building your business and achieving your marketing goals. My background is in direct-response marketing, both business-to-business and consumer, but my education was in photography, illustration and advertising design. Throughout my corporate career, every design gig ended up becoming a marketing gig, since I often have some […]

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