5 Tips to Make Social Media Ads Click Worthy

Every time potential customers scroll through their Facebook or LinkedIn feed, they’re bombarded with dozens of ads from companies that are all trying to be the one that gets clicked. Making sure your social ads are the ones customers interact with is vital for sales and growth. But what makes someone click on one ad […]

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8 Physicians (and Practices) Who Are Winning at Social Media

There’s a bit of debate around doctors interacting with patients or potential patients on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. In general, the two schools of thought go something like this: Doctors shouldn’t interact with patients in social media because they don’t have time, and doing so contributes to physician burnout. Plus, there’s […]

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How to Create a B2B Social Media Strategy in 9 Easy Steps


Many B2B companies tend to focus on traditional methods of bringing in customers through paid advertising, trade shows and cold calling. But the fact is, like B2C companies, they should also be investing heavily in organic methods for attracting customers, like SEO and social media.

While B2B social media won’t operate exactly like B2C social media does, it can deliver similar, positive results and ensure that B2B companies are building their customer bases and meeting their sales goals. In today’s business environment, B2B companies must have a social media strategy in place to succeed.

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7 of the Best Facebook Brand Pages — And What They Can Teach You

 7 Best Facebook Brand Pages - And What They Can Teach You

If you’re like me, you’re very selective when it comes to which Facebook brand pages you follow. Some post waaaay too frequently (I’m looking at you, TIME), some try to be witty or edgy and fail, and some just don’t understand how to connect with their customers. (For example, that cringeworthy time Epicurious thought sharing recipes relating to Boston would help those coping with the marathon tragedy. Or that time K-Mart sent the same exact reply to hundreds of people.)

But by posting the right content, at the right time, with the right tone, you can use Facebook to your advantage as a free content marketing tool. Content marketing doesn’t just need to be limited to magazines, newsletters and websites; you can post content directly on social media networks, giving you even more opportunities to promote content online.

These seven Facebook brand pages have mastered what to post, when to post and how to effectively engage with customers. Look at what they’re doing for tips on effectively using your organization’s Facebook as a marketing tool extraordinaire.

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Facebook Algorithm Change Killing Your Results? Here’s What to Do

 Facebook algorithm change killing your results? Here's what to do.

Facebook has started rolling out its newest algorithm change, and your business page is likely suffering because of it.

In an effort to improve users’ experiences on the site, Facebook is beginning to prioritize family, friend and group posts in news feeds. (Over the past week, you might have noticed seeing more photos of your former neighbor’s new puppy and fewer posts from your favorite coffee shop.) These changes aim to give people more of what they want — the ability to keep up with everyone from their cousins to their sorority sisters and from their colleagues to their old high school rivals.

Although the algorithm changes should drive more people to visit Facebook more frequently, they also will decrease your business page’s organic — or unpaid — views. As a result, your post interactions — likes, comments and shares — likely will plummet. So how can you make sure more people see your posts?

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