Are You Setting Realistic SEO Expectations?

 Setting Realistic SEO ExpectationsPublishing a new blog post won’t instantly get it on the first page of Google’s search engine results. Even if you do all your search engine optimization (SEO) right, it could take quite awhile to get your content in good ranks. That’s why it’s important for your organization to set expectations straight — this way, no one on your team is waiting for the near-impossible. 

If overnight is off the table, how should you set reasonable goals for your SEO, then?


10 Proven Ways to Increase Website Traffic

 increase website traffic

Many businesses struggle to come up with new and innovative ways to increase website traffic. There’s a lot of misinformation online about how to attract more visitors, which can lead to using the same tired strategies over and over and not seeing positive results.

If you’re looking to increase website traffic with both organic and paid ways, here are 10 methods that are proven to yield results.

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How to Do Keyword Research for SEO

 how to do keyword research for seo

Google has become the mecca for search. Over the years, it has clobbered its competitors and become the number one trusted search engine on the planet.

Users around the world perform 3.5 billion Google searches daily. That’s 1.2 trillion searches globally each year. If you want to capture a portion of that audience, you have to stand out and make sure you’re ranking at or near the top of the Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Otherwise, users aren’t going to be able to find your content or company, and you won’t be able to capitalize on those valuable website visits.

An estimated 75% of users never look beyond the first page of results, and the top search result receives 33% of traffic. The second result receives 18%, the third receives 11% and it just keeps going down from there.

You need to make sure your site is ranking high, and ready to be discovered by users. If you are looking to optimize your website for search and appear at the top of the results page, you need to perform keyword research.


SEO Basics: How to Choose the Right Keywords

 SEO Marketing: How to Choose Keywords

Have you ever looked at a keyword report before? All those tiny words and numbers, jammed into a long spreadsheet — it’s enough to make your head spin.

Keyword research is vital to any effective SEO campaign, and it’s also an important underpinning of your content marketing strategy. If you ever want to win the internet, you’ve got to make sense of that spreadsheet and learn how to choose the right keywords. So our SEO specialists have provided the basics to get you started on your keyword journey!

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The 6 Essential Keyword Locations

When it comes to the complicated task of search engine optimization (SEO), it’s best to start with the basics — and the most basic part of SEO is keyword locations. Keywords are the search terms that people type into search engines.

Where you use them, how often you use them and even where you don’t use them will impact your likelihood of landing on someone’s search engine results page (SERP). And to put it not so delicately, the difference between being on Page 1 and Page 2 of SERP can be company survival or company struggles. According to the HubSpot blog, fewer than 10 percent of people get to the second page of search engine results. Also, ranking No.1 leads to four times more visits than ranking No. 2.

Increase your chances of snagging a new site visitor by targeting your keywords in the following 6 locations.

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