5 Spooky Marketing Tactics That Will Scare Prospects Away


There are many terrifying things in the world — spiders, tornadoes, losing your mom in the grocery store, just to name a few. For marketers and salespeople, however, the scariest thing may be how easy it is to lose a potential customer. Just when you think you have them… poof! They disappear like a spirit at a Ghostbusters convention.

Why does this happen? It may not be the prospect’s fault. It may actually be that your marketing tactics. You might be scaring them away with your outdated techniques! Things like cold calls and unexpected emails can spook even the bravest of prospects.

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How to Qualify Leads with Long-Term Revenue In Mind

 Quality Leads Long Term Revenue

Spending time on the right leads is crucial for any business growth. When talking with prospective clients, we often forget to ask ourselves whether this is the type of client that could bring long-term value to our business.

Start-up founders and business professionals often get blinded by the possibility of turning a lead into an active client, forgetting to take into consideration the opportunity cost of on-boarding a bad lead. Understanding how to qualify leads becomes an important part of every sales process.

As a business owner and a sales professional, the time you spend qualifying a lead is synonymous with the success you will have. Leads should be prioritized based on their importance and relevance to the business itself.

Applying this simple-yet-effective thought can save you and your salesforce a lot of time in negotiation with potential clients who will bring more troubles than revenues.

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The Secret to Sales and Marketing Alignment: What Every CEO Needs to Know


ROI. It’s a term most are familiar with, but very few can agree on. Marketers think it’s one thing, salespeople think it’s something else and C-levels think it’s another thing entirely. Why do so many companies struggle with agreeing on simple things like terminology? Why does there appear to be so much disharmony among marketing, sales and leadership teams? Why can’t these teams just act like they’re on the same side for once?

When it comes down to it, it’s not a collaboration issue. It’s a communication issue.

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Failure to Launch: Why Your Content Marketing Program Hasn’t Taken Off

Stephen Colbert has always dreamed of being an astronaut. But Colbert has experienced a true failure to launch in that regard, and he’ll have to settle for being a beloved comedian and heir to David Letterman’s throne.

Unfortunately failure to launch isn’t limited to space travel; it happens all the time in the realm of content marketing. Plenty of companies undertake ambitious content marketing programs, only to abandon them before they ever launch, or soon after they begin.  

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