Why You Need a Brand Standards Document

Imagine that you’re sitting down to watch the Big Game. As players file onto the field, you realize that their uniforms aren’t uniform. While some players stuck close to their team’s color palette, nobody is wearing exactly the same colors. Some diverged from team colors completely because they felt their color choice “looked better.” Numbers and names are printed across their backs in an assortment of typefaces in varying sizes, colors and legibility. Team logos are unrecognizable: recolored, rotated, stretched, skewed or completely omitted from helmets. 

Brand recognition has been compromised, and the game has become much more difficult to follow. Instead of watching two talented and successful teams compete, you’re caught up in the details of trying to figure out who’s doing what. 

Now imagine that you’re running a successful business and every time you hire a creative marketer or a developer, they put their own spin on your brand. Your customers are confused by each piece of collateral they encounter, because you’re not presenting a unified front. You want every facet of your company’s communication, internal and external, to support your brand. Every time a third party is given the power to interpret your brand, you’re putting its integrity on the line. 

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