How to Choose the Right Marketing Automation Software

 Marketing Automation Software

Maybe you’re a David in an industry of Goliath competitors, searching for your metaphorical slingshot.

Small businesses and startups often have to “fake it until they make it” — marketing automation allows them to do just that. These solutions help independent companies (and their digital marketing agencies) operate their businesses like larger enterprises by getting specific messaging in front of potential customers in an accurate, timely and efficient manner.

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Lessons in Long-Form Content from the Boy with Half a Brain 

 Lessons in Long-Form Content

How does reading from a screen affect our concentration, empathy and engagement with what we’re reading? According to conventional wisdom, digital readers have shorter attention spans, prefer to skim low-level content, and retain fewer details about what they read.

For marketers, that has often translated into a preference for short, bite-sized online content. 

But a new study from Columbia Journalism Review questions those assumptions — and their findings could change the way you write for online audiences. 

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How to Calculate and Use Marketing ROI

 marketing roi

Content creation is no longer optional for businesses that want to thrive in today’s competitive environment. Regardless of what it’s called — a blog post, infographic, video, etc. — content has become the way we consume information to help make better decisions in all areas of our lives.

When trying to find valuable content, we usually turn to Google. From looking for a recipe to figuring out where to buy the best jeans, we are now making more than 63,000 Google searches every second of every day. That adds up to 5.6 billion searches a day.

Understanding how to create great content and generate more traffic to your website through content marketing can help you attract potential customers. But it’s equally important to understand how to calculate what kind of return on investment (ROI) you’re receiving from your content marketing.

Then you can evaluate what’s working — and improve or eliminate what’s not.

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10 Proven Ways to Increase Website Traffic

 increase website traffic

Many businesses struggle to come up with new and innovative ways to increase website traffic. There’s a lot of misinformation online about how to attract more visitors, which can lead to using the same tired strategies over and over and not seeing positive results.

If you’re looking to increase website traffic with both organic and paid ways, here are 10 methods that are proven to yield results.

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Why Yelp Matters to Health Care Professionals

 Check Our Your Yelp Reviews

Have you checked out your reviews on Yelp?

That’s right. The same site that allows individuals to post reviews of restaurants and beauty salons allows them to also post reviews of physicians.

Yes, we wonder if people truly can accurately evaluate the true quality of the medical services that they receive. But, like it or not, patients are sharing their opinions online — and you need to know what they’re saying.

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5 Steps to Getting Started with Inbound Sales

 Getting Started With Inbound Sales

“Hi, can I speak to Jordan? Hi Jordan, this is Mike at ACME. I saw you were interested in our wireless network systems and I wanted to talk to you about that. Just so you know, our routers are ranked best-in-class and we’re having a Fourth of July weekend sale.”

What do you think? Would you like to keep talking to Mike, or do you wish that you had let it go to voicemail?

Most people, me included, hate getting these calls. We think, “Ugh, a sales pitch,” and get off the phone as quickly as possible. We say “I’ll think about it,” or “Get back to me in a month” — anything to get the overly enthusiastic salesperson off the line, so we can get back to the email we were drafting, the report we were supposed to have put together yesterday, the latest blog post we need to write.

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