What Are the Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Dallas-Fort Worth?


Finding the right digital marketing agency can be a lot like finding the right match on a dating site: You want someone who is going to be attentive, understanding and will listen to what you want for the future, not just talk about what they’ve done in the past. You want them to be located close enough that you can sit down and meet them face to face, and they should be eager to go the extra mile to make you happy. And, of course, you want to make sure that they’re as fabulous in person as they appear to be online.

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Inbound Vs Outbound Marketing: What’s the Difference?

 Inbound VS Outbound Marketing: Which is better, a stethoscope or Megaphone?

Which is more effective for getting a message out: a megaphone or a stethoscope?

Conventional wisdom says that a megaphone would get the job done much better. Why listen with a stethoscope when you can shout your message from the rooftops? However, today’s marketing professionals have come to realize that the ability to listen is critical to successfully sharing your company’s message. That’s why the inbound marketing methodology has gained so much traction in recent years. 

Maybe your company has long used that megaphone, relying on advertising, email blasts and other tried-and-true (or tried-and-tired?) outbound tactics. If so, it’s time to educate yourself on the role of inbound vs. outbound marketing; this way, you’ll be prepared to get the most out of both. 

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How to Create a Marketing Map for Your Clients



You wouldn’t think of setting out on a cross-country road trip without a plan for reaching your destination, and the same should be true of your marketing plan. Having a map that outlines how you’re going to reach your marketing destination can be the difference between success and failure.

Content Marketing Institute reports that 62% of the most successful content marketers have a documented strategy in place and 72% of successful marketers said strategy was a major contributor. Surprisingly, while most B2B marketers have some sort of strategy, only 35% have a documented strategy.

Every marketer needs a well-documented strategy to accomplish the goals. This strategy, which should be developed with your client, outlines what kind of results you want for your clients and how you’ll achieve them.

When creating a content strategy for clients, a marketing map can help document exactly what you’ll be doing and how it will improve your client’s business.

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4 Benefits to Hiring a Local Digital Marketing Agency

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You know you need a digital marketing agency to help you generate leads, attract customers, manage your social media pages, write and send your emails, write your blog posts and secure backlinks on high-authority websites.

But you aren’t sure whether you want to hire a local digital marketing agency or go with another company that’s not in your backyard. While there are numerous considerations to weigh when choosing which marketing agency to work with, working with a local agency has several advantages.

Here are four benefits of hiring a local digital marketing agency to handle your marketing needs.

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Building an Inbound Marketing Plan: Goals, Strategy and Tactics

 Planning and Strategizing an Inbound Marketing Plan

Before you go churning out case studies or start toiling away on Twitter — indeed, before you engage in the first inbound marketing activity — you first must determine your goals, strategy and tactics. Yep, we’re talking about an inbound marketing plan. This approach will not only help you avoid the dreaded failure to launch, but it will also set you on the path to inbound marketing success. 

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How to Choose Keywords For Your Website


You have a lovely website showcasing your expertise and products or services. You spent a lot of time and resources, and the result is fantastic: a shiny, newly designed site with loads of information, ready to show potential customers what you can do. Awesome.

But no one is actually finding the website. Not awesome. What went wrong?

It’s possible you were thinking from an internal standpoint and using keyword phrases that don’t really jibe with how potential customers think and search. Essentially, you weren’t  thinking like a customer.

Learning how to choose keywords for your website will help. We won’t go into the more technical side of that in this post, but fasten your seat belts to learn the general idea behind keywords and how to use them.

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10 Marketing Skills to Put on Your Resume in 2019

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The new year is finally here! Now is a great time to beef up your resume and increase your skill set to be a more competitive candidate, get a promotion and/or better serve your clients. You can accomplish all three of these goals (and more) by learning new marketing skills.

It’s not just about adding skills; you want to make sure your resume has the right skills that are actually in demand. Certain abilities and skill sets will make you much more appealing to employers and clients.

Here are ten marketing skills to add to your resume this year.

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