Outsourcing Content: Go with a Content Marketing Firm or an Ad Agency?

Companies looking to outsource the creation of content may be wondering: Should we open up bidding to content marketing agencies or offer the work to our usual ad agency?

Both agencies are crucial for attracting customers, but each has specific strengths. According to the Content Marketing Institute, “most ad agencies aren’t built for consistent, long-form content creation and distribution.”

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Engaging B2B Buyers Throughout the Customer Lifecycle

What has your content done for you lately? Creating content that builds and sustains customer relationships is a real challenge, as indicated by a recent study conducted by Forrester Research, the Business Marketing Association and the Online Marketing Institute. The study, which surveyed 113 senior marketers to gauge their “content development sophistication and maturity,” found […]

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Creating Buzz Through User-Generated Content

Does your content engage customers, or simply broadcast at them one-way? According to Forbes columnist Christine Comaford, one of the most costly mistakes content marketers make is not getting their audience involved. Failing to have a conversation with customers is a surefire way to “wreck” return on investment, wrote Comaford.

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