September 25, 2018

Content Promotion Success Story: Rainbow Muffler & Brake


Content marketing is all about the content, right? Well, sort of. If content creation is one half of content marketing, the other half is content promotion. After all, the best content in the world isn’t truly effective unless people are reading it.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, “content marketing generates over three times as many leads as outbound marketing and costs 62% less.” But an Adweek study also showed that “92 percent of consumers trust recommendations from others, even people they don’t know, over branded content.”

How do you embrace the potential ROI of content marketing without branding? It’s all about content promotion. To illustrate this point, we’ll first define content promotion (aka influencer outreach) and show how it worked for one of our clients: Rainbow Muffler & Brake.

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September 18, 2018

How to Interview Someone — and What Questions to Ask


When it comes to creating great content, outside voices deliver extra credibility and authority to blog posts, white papers and stories. Bringing in experts to explain a topic has several benefits:

  • It can add new perspective to a topic
  • It gives you an excellent reason to reach out to influencers and leaders in your space
  • It can help expand your reach, as the individuals you interview will share the content with their followers

The key to getting great content every time comes from interviewing individuals who are knowledgeable and have something valuable to say on whatever topic you’re discussing. But it also must be engaging and interesting to your audience, which is where you the responsibility for a great interview falls on you.

Some people will naturally be more engaging interview subjects, while others will make you work a little harder to get the quotes, comments and information you’re looking for.

However, with proper preparation and a little practice, you can turn every interview into strong content.

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September 4, 2018

What the Best Medical Marketing Agencies Look Like


Finding the right marketing agency to partner with is challenging, especially for healthcare providers. No two practices are alike, and monumental changes are taking place not only in healthcare reform, but also in the patient journey.

Whether you’re leading a private practice, surgery center, home health service or health system, or you serve in some other healthcare role, how do you go about choosing an agency that understands medical marketing strategies and can apply them to your practice? Here are 10 characteristics you should look for in a healthcare marketing agency:

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August 23, 2018

How to Create Buyer Personas (With Real-Life Examples)


You know your business and services inside and out. You can speak passionately about the intricate details of your latest product or the advanced logistics behind your business model. You’ve scoped out the competition and understand the benefits that make your company stand out. But how well do you know your audience?

As a business owner or marketer, you probably have a solid understanding of your customers’ basic demographic data — you know what they do for a living, their age and where they live. But when it comes to creating targeted inbound marketing that works, you have to go deeper than what can be found with a simple LinkedIn search.

This is where buyer personas come in.

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September 21, 2017

How to Be Featured in a Google Answer Box

 Become Featured in Google's Answer Box

Instead of aiming to rank first on a search engine results page, your new goal should be to rank “zero.” A few years ago, Google developed a feature to give searchers their answer as quickly as possible. This feature is called the Google Answer Box, and it is considered “position zero” because it appears above all other search results.

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March 13, 2017

8 Can’t-Miss Content Marketing Conferences in 2017

 Content Marketing Conference.jpg

Attending content marketing conferences and seminars has become an essential part of professional enrichment. Participating in these industry events is a great way for you and your team to stay ahead of the curve, learn the hottest industry trends and practices, and meet like-minded professionals.

To help you choose the right event, we’ve prepared another list of “conferences you can’t miss,” so take a look at these awesome events and get ready to pack your bags!

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August 22, 2016

Build a Strong Brand Image Using PR and Marketing

 How to Build a Strong Brand Image Using PR and Marketing

In today’s difficult business environment, creating a strong brand image means everything to your company. Our 24-hour-a-day news cycle makes it harder than ever to promote your brand in this insanely cluttered environment.

That’s why every business owner needs to build a strong foundation in order to achieve branding success. Using consumer PR and marketing is the best way to get your company in the forefront of your customers’ minds while dashing ahead of the pack, meaning your competitors.

How do you build a strong brand foundation? How do you solidify your brand image? We’ll answer both of these questions and more as we continue below.

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August 11, 2016

8 Content Marketing Conferences You Can’t Miss

 Content Marketing Conference You Must Attend

Content marketing has certainly been ” on trend” lately — and it shows no signs of slowing down as the year progresses. If you’re like us, you may feel overwhelmed by the seemingly endless stream of conferences and ” unmissable” events. It would be easy to spend more time doing professional development at conferences than putting your news skills to work!

So which upcoming conferences does your team really need to attend?

Whatever your budget, availability, interest or need, choose from the list below to start building your team’s conference calendar. These are the best of the upcoming content marketing conferences, so you can’t go wrong. 

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January 28, 2016

5 Tips for Effective Customer- Focused Marketing Design

You like the design — but do your customers? Art and design are subjective, but it’s still possible to analyze them objectively. Even if you think the design for your company’s marketing initiatives looks great, take a moment to check if it’s on target. Is this something that will look great to your customers? Here are five things to consider.

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