7 Overlooked Content Marketing Tactics  That Will Fuel Your Business Growth

No matter how fabulous your product or service is, if you don’t get your message out, you won’t drive traffic to your website… and you know what happens next. Nothing.

Even if you already know that content marketing can help you, there’s a significant difference between knowing content marketing is the solution and knowing how to create a solid content marketing strategy. That could be why only 37% of marketers say they have a defined content marketing strategy and 64% of marketers say they want to learn how to build a better content strategy.

Great content marketing strategies include many different tactics, and if you want your marketing to be truly effective, you have to decide on the ones that make the most sense for your business. While there are many different content marketing tactics you can use to fuel your business growth, here are seven of our favorites.

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Blog Writing: How to Finish Stronger with Great Conclusions

 how to write a conclusion

I once had a breakup that went so well it almost made me want to get back into the relationship again. (I said “almost.”) It was thoughtful, it was kind and it was mutually respectful. When I think back on that relationship, what I remember most is how well it ended.

As it turns out, that’s not as unusual as it sounds. In his latest book, “When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing,” bestselling author Daniel H. Pink says we’re more affected by the way things end than we probably realize. In fact, he devotes an entire chapter to endings and why they matter. Whether it’s a meeting, a concert or a sales call, the way we remember it will be colored by how it ended, so Pink asserts that we need to give more thought to how we wrap things up.

Take a basketball game. Your team is down by two in the final seconds of the game, then a turnover puts the ball back in your team’s hands. It’s a long shot, but just as the buzzer is about to sound, your shooting guard launches a hail Mary three-pointer that swishes through the net. That player is heralded as a hero for winning the game and, while it was a magnificent shot, it wouldn’t have gotten the same kind of glory if it had happened, say, in the first quarter.

The same is true of other things, right down to how we die. Pink points out that a person who’s lived a good life but makes some well-noted missteps in the final months of his or her life will be remembered for those failings, while an individual with a less-than-savory history who makes a turnaround at the end of his or her life will be seen as a success story.

What does any of this have to do with content marketing? Everything.

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How to Get Started with Video Marketing

 how to start video marketing

As our attention spans grow shorter and more consumers “cut the cord” to cable television, video is becoming increasingly popular. That growth is only expected to increase in the future.

Just check out these incredible stats:

  • YouTube has more than one billion users, which is nearly one-third of total global internet users.
  • People watch more than 500 million hours of videos on YouTube every single day.
  • Video is projected to represent 82% of all internet traffic in 2021.

When done right, the return on investment of video marketing can be huge. In fact, 51% of marketing professionals around the world said that as far as content goes, video has the best ROI. Marketers who use video increase revenue 49% faster than marketers who don’t use it, and social video produces 1,200% more shares than images and text combined.

If you want to learn how to do video marketing for your business, follow these useful tips.

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20 Ways to Find New Blog Post Ideas

 find new blog post ideas

Creating blog posts takes several hours from the beginning to the end.

You set aside one or a number of days coming up with blog post ideas. Then, you put together an editorial calendar, assign out the writing and editing of the posts, schedule them on your blog and promote them through email and social media. All in all, it can take several hours to simply create one new posts.

Though this entire process is tedious, blogging is critical to the success of many businesses.

After all, featuring a blog prominently on your website can give you a 434% better chance of ranking high on search engines. In addition, 47% of buyers will look at three to five pieces of content before engaging with a sales rep. Whether you’re a B2B or B2C company, blogging should be a top priority.

You want to blog, but you don’t want it to eat up all of your time. So how do you constantly come up with new blog post ideas when you’re already busy with other marketing tasks? By automating and streamlining the blog post idea and content creation process so you can focus on your other responsibilities.

As part of that streamlining process, use these 20 methods for developing new blog post ideas.

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Is Your Copy on Crutches? Don’t Let These Words Kill Your Content


When I was about five years old, my older brother taught me a brand new word, one I’d never heard uttered in our ultra-conservative home. He then encouraged me to go share this vocabulary addition with my mom and ask her what it meant.

Things didn’t go well.

In moments, just like Ralphie in “A Christmas Story,” my tongue was being lathered up with a bar of Lifebuoy soap and I got an earful of my mom’s wrath to go along with that mouthful of suds.

That experience provided a couple of lasting takeaways:

  • Never take an older brother’s suggestion when he’s grinning ear to ear
  • Word choice matters

Word choice is something that often doesn’t get as much attention as it should, even among people who create content for a living. It’s easy to let linguistic trends slip into our daily vocabulary (how often do you hear “right?!” used everyday?) or to use filler words like “uh,” “um” and the dreaded “like.”

Such words are known as crutch words because they’re often used when someone is searching for the right words or has lost their place in a conversation or presentation. In speaking situations, using these words often gives the impression that the person lacks confidence or clarity (or both).

When crutch words slip into our copy, it can be even more distracting. These ineffective words dilute messaging and annoy readers. While these words all have their place in vocabulary, they become crutch words when you stop using them properly and let them become fillers.

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Your Content Marketing Strategy Isn’t Working. Here’s Why.

 content marketing strategy

You already know that a solid content marketing strategy is critical to your company’s success. Content marketing can help attract potential customers, make more sales, increase brand awareness and establish you as a leader in your niche.

However, so far, you just haven’t had any luck.

There are a number of different reasons why a content marketing strategy doesn’t take off immediately. Let’s look at some of the common reasons marketers fail to do well with content marketing — and how you can improve your own campaigns.

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