Why SEO Doesn’t Cost as Much as You Think


By Mario Medina

“SEO is too expensive for businesses with small budgets!” 

As an agency that offers SEO services, we hear this misconception often. And sure, you could easily spend thousands of dollars a month on SEO services — but you don’t have to. 

By being strategic about where you use your marketing funds, you can work on your SEO in small ways that will make a big difference for your bottom line. 

Starting Small with SEO

If you want to get started with SEO without spending a fortune, on-page SEO is a great place to begin. Link-building services, SEO copywriting and page speed are three on-page options that will have a positive impact on your business without blowing your budget.

  • Link-building services create backlinks through outreach, guest blogging, internal linking and mending broken links.
  • SEO copywriting uses keyword targeting for your website’s content. This increases your site’s ability to be found and ranked by Google. An example of SEO copywriting would be creating a blog post about “manicure services” for a local nail salon’s website.
  • Page speed measures how fast the content on your web page loads. By hiring SEO experts to improve your page speed, you will ensure your customers’ digital experience is not hindered by slow-loading content. Slow load times can cause visitors to abandon your site and can affect your rankings with search engines. SEO consultants will find and fix plug-ins, images and other culprits that are slowing down your page.

Prices for these on-page SEO practices vary from agency to agency, but they are typically more affordable than more technical SEO strategies. Starting with small SEO efforts will kick your organic traffic up a notch without a huge financial commitment from you.

Preparing to Invest in SEO

If you have a larger budget and want to see even bigger benefits from your SEO efforts, consider hiring experts to optimize your URLs, page titles and h1s.

Optimizing these on-page elements can increase your organic website traffic by an impressive amount. To those unfamiliar with SEO, this may sound like an opportunity to build a brand-new website, but this practice can be applied at any point during the lifecycle of your site. In fact, clients often turn to these strategies when they discover that their websites could be performing better and bringing more business to them. 

People often wonder why SEO consultants cost so much. The answer is that SEO requires extensive research, expertise, time and attention to detail. Fortunately, there is a way to keep your spending under control. Try breaking advanced SEO projects into smaller sections and tackling those one month at a time over a longer period. You’ll be seeing results before you know it — without the intimidating invoices that can come with tackling large SEO projects all at once.

Protecting Against Lost Organic Search Revenue

If you recently created a new website that is user-friendly and jam-packed with fresh content, you may think you are good to go on your SEO. And you might be right. 

Unfortunately, time and time again, we’ve seen companies build brand-new sites with amazing design, only to lose valuable traffic because they poorly migrated the site from their old domain. Be sure you’re getting all of the traffic earned by your old site by handling migration with care. 

Some of the most expensive SEO projects are site migrations for large websites. While site migration is an investment, handling it improperly can cost your business hundreds of thousands (or more) in organic revenue.To protect against losing valuable customers and prospective clients, SEO experts can redirect pages from your old site to the new ones and employ other tactics that push customers to your new user-friendly page.

SEO options are available for businesses of all sizes, not just the big guys. By starting small and investing in strategies that meet your needs, you can get the advantages of SEO at a budget you can afford. 

Mario Medina

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