Three Reasons Why You (Yes, You!) Should Get Inbound Certified

By Kristin Masters

 01_HubSpotBadges_V4Have you heard all the hubbub about HubSpot’s Inbound Certification?

Free and available to anyone, the comprehensive training covers all the basics of inbound marketing. Here at madison/miles media, our whole team — every single employee — is participating in the program. Here’s why:

  • We enthusiastically embrace the HubSpot inbound methodology. The inbound approach works at every stage of the sales funnel: It attracts new visitors to your website; it converts them into leads; it helps closes sales; and finally, it helps delight your customers.
  • We believe in delivering the best for our clients. By implementing thoughtful, cohesive inbound marketing strategies for our clients, we’re able to deliver consistent, measurable results that delight our clients.
  • We love certificates. Who doesn’t? What we really love is demonstrating our expertise and commitment to remaining industry leaders. Our HubSpot Inbound Certification does just that.

But enough about us! What about you?

Even if you’re not in marketing, getting the HubSpot Inbound Certification would be a worthwhile investment of your time. Whether you’re a small business owner, the president of a professional organization or a sales executive, you’ll find something useful — and the inbound training may even change your entire perspective on marketing, sales and customer service.

1. You’ll understand your customers better.

A foundation of inbound marketing is a solid understanding of your buyer personas — that is, representations of your ideal customers. These personas should be built around market research and data, and they should include not only demographic information but also buying habits, goals and motivations. Once you’ve built out your buyer personas, you can begin to put together compelling content and offers to attract those buyers.

While that knowledge will certainly come in handy for marketing purposes, it also has broader applications. Your buyer personas can shape every facet of your customer engagement process. Would your customers respond to a live-chat option on your website, or would they prefer a phone call? Your buyer personas can help you figure that out. Which professional development and networking events are they most likely to attend? Your buyer personals can provide insight here, too.

2. Everyone in your organization is ” in marketing.”

Each and every employee on your team has daily opportunities to attract new prospects, convert those prospects to leads, close sales and delight your customers. Sound far-fetched? Consider the fact that even your janitorial staff help to make an impression on customers and prospects.

Maybe that feels like a stretch, but inbound marketing indeed impacts many aspects of your organization. Your marketing strategy will influence your sales team, along with your approach to customer service. For example, your sales team can help you understand prospects’ reservations and sticking points, so that you can provide relevant content to answer those objections.

Meanwhile, your customer service folks can offer insight about common questions from your existing clients, so that you can tailor materials like FAQs and user guides accordingly. The idea here is that with the inbound paradigm, everyone in your company can help you find ways to connect with customers and prospects more effectively.

3. You’re ready to maximize your marketing impact.

HubSpot’s inbound methodology is a more cohesive and comprehensive approach than most organizations use. Your company may have a great SEO strategy and a solid content marketing plan in place; all the pieces are there. Learning inbound marketing strategies can give you the tools to put the pieces together in a more meaningful and effective way. The results: increased web traffic and more qualified leads, to name a few.

Again, this sounds like the concern of your marketing crew, but you have a vested interest in leading the charge. After all, your marketing efforts directly affect your bottom line. And there’s no better way to demonstrate your personal investment in a new, promising initiative than by getting inbound certified.

Now’s the perfect time to embark on your inbound marketing journey!

And did we mention that it’s free?




Kristin Masters

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