How to Know if Your Digital Marketing Agency Is the One

By Sarah Asp Olson

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So, you fell in love with a digital marketing agency, eh? 

You probably met online (isn’t that how everybody connects these days?) and were drawn in by a professional website, glowing testimonials and the promise of gobs of organic traffic down the road. 

So, you took the plunge. Everything was going swimmingly for a while: Engagement was up, traffic was growing, and everyone said your content never looked better. But then the cracks started to form, it took your agency days to get back to you. When you did get them on the phone, it felt like they weren’t even listening. They moved on to newer, shinier clients, and you’re now left feeling alone again. What gives?

Not every agency is a fit for every business — and vice versa. Just like in the dating world, it’s important to find a partner that’s in sync with your values and goals — one that just gets you.

At madison/miles media, we’ve set up a guide to determine if a partnership has lasting potential. We call it our 3 Cs: Confidence, Culture and Commitment

In this post, we’ll dig into the 3 Cs and offer tips and real-life (totally made-up) scenarios to help you find The One.

The First C: Confidence

It’s hard to work with people you can’t rely on, or people you don’t believe have your best interests at heart. You want an agency that can catch your vision and run with it, applying its own expertise and energy to your digital marketing strategy

When you feel confident with an agency, it means you trust them to represent your brand effectively and communicate your message with pride, integrity and enthusiasm. You should feel that your agency is as invested in your success as you are. That’s confidence. 

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The Second C: Culture

Your culture is at the heart of who and what your company is. It’s something you’ve worked hard to develop. You want a digital marketing agency whose values, communication style and experience align with yours. That’s a good cultural fit. 

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When you find an agency with a strong cultural fit, they’re better able to understand your business’s unique needs and goals and tailor marketing strategies accordingly. This leads to trust, open communication, mutual respect and, ultimately, awesome results

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The Third C: Commitment

If you put the metaphorical ring on it, you want to make sure your agency is in it for the long haul. 

That’s because digital marketing isn’t fast. Building a successful digital strategy involves creating valuable content, building relationships with potential customers and establishing a strong online presence. That takes time, consistency and dedication.

A longer-term commitment also allows your agency to get to know you, understand your business and build a strong relationship with your brand. You develop a true partnership, leading to more effective collaboration and communication, and better outcomes for your business.   

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A long-term digital marketing strategy involves setting clear goals, hitting key metrics and implementing ongoing tactical refinements. This allows you to see growth over time as the strategies take hold.

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How to Choose a Digital Marketing Agency 

The agency you hire can make or break your digital marketing efforts. Finding a perfect fit can be daunting, but landing an agency that aligns with your values, understands your business and is committed to your long-term success is worth it. With the right partner, you can build a robust digital marketing strategy, achieve your goals and grow your business. 

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