6 Signs It’s Time to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

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Your company might be putting marketing on the back burner for any number of reasons.

Maybe you’re growing quickly, and to keep up with demand, the focus is narrowing down to your product or service. People often stop marketing when business is going strong. 

Or maybe your business is heading in the opposite direction. Tried and true marketing methods are no longer delivering, and stakeholders are wary of investing more money due to a lack of ROI.

But you know digital marketing is a long game. It’s about establishing trust in your brand. 

You also know that effective digital marketing is data-driven, and customers expect a highly personalized experience. You need to create high-quality content that will develop and sustain that trust. This requires many specializations, including copywriting, designing, video editing, user experience, content strategy, SEO strategy, etc.  

Finding all that expertise is a daunting proposition! You either have to bring people of various talents in-house or hire a — What’s that? It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a  …  digital marketing agency

Like a superhero with a penchant for data analysis, the right agency can swoop in to save the day. Agencies come equipped with fresh eyes, industry insights and the expertise to take your brand up, up and away to new heights. 

This blog post will dig into six signs your company is ripe for a classic agency rescue. 

1. You’re Overworked 

While you’re painfully aware that marketing is essential to growth and not an area that one can set and forget, you’re swamped. Rapid growth or staffing shortages may mean you haven’t had the luxury to step back and bring a critical eye to your brand. Instead, you’re just barely keeping up. 

An agency can provide the additional hands on deck you need to stay in front of your customers (and competitors). Agencies come with a staff dedicated to crafting compelling content that keeps you relevant and processes that are effective, efficient and sustainable. In the end, greater marketing efficiency will lessen your workload for the foreseeable future. 

For example, instead of getting content from various departments as it comes in, you can have a central editorial team that works on an editorial calendar. This reduces errors, an irregular cadence and inconsistent branding.

2. You Lack Specialization 

When was the last time you wished you could consult with a marketing specialist but instead had to turn to Google?

A digital marketing agency can answer your questions in specializations you may not have worked in before and with the latest information and trends in mind. Agency experts will analyze what your competitors are doing, strategize and develop your content ecosystem, and help implement an efficient and robust content creation process. Most brands don’t have in-house staff with all of these important skills. That’s just fine! Leave it to the experts.

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Agencies worth their salt will be on the cusp of best practices. That’s vital to differentiate your brand. For example, many people assumed email marketing was on its way out. Not so! Email marketing has become a critical channel for lead generation and retention. And who knows what’ll be big tomorrow? Marketing agencies pay attention to these trends, giving you the time to focus on your product or service. 

3. You’ve Got Tunnel Vision 

You may be so close to your website and content channels that you’ve lost sight of how they can be improved. Agencies will step back and immediately notice the good, the bad and the ugly. They will explain the issues and offer recommendations and a plan for improvement. 

This fresh perspective may also help you develop new channels you may not have considered before. Does your audience use TikTok? Or, as the pandemic has ended, are your customers increasingly registering for conferences? Have you tapped into the power of influencers? Your agency will have its fingers on the pulse of customer trends.

4. You Need More Data

Marketing decisions should always be data-driven. Agencies have expert analysts and access to advanced analytics tools they can use to collect your data and interpret it clearly. Helpful analysis will tell you the story of your digital marketing ecosystem and what direction it needs to go in for a happy ending instead of an unhelpful cliffhanger.

By analyzing consumer behavior, engagement rates, and other important metrics, you can also back up your marketing plans when you have to convince stakeholders. 

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5. Your Campaigns Fizzle Out Quickly

Short-term campaign goals are important, but an effective digital marketing strategy also incorporates long-term planning. A digital marketing agency can ensure that your marketing strategies align with your future business goals. This can help you secure future funds from stakeholders so you don’t find yourself scrambling for resources in the future.  

That said, long-term planning needs to stay flexible as trends, technologies and customer needs change. A digital marketing agency will create a flexible and realistic future plan for attaining those goals.

6. You’d Like Better Sales and Marketing Alignment 

It’s only fair to provide your sales team with the right resources to engage with prospects and customers throughout the buyer’s journey. They need tools like an attractive, informative and user-friendly website, timely emails and punchy social media posts to build on when they promote your products or services. 

Digital marketing agencies that specialize in sales enablement can help align your sales and marketing teams to get everybody working toward the same goal. 

The Benefits of Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency 

You may be thinking, aren’t digital marketing agencies cost-prohibitive? Frankly, hiring a robust in-house marketing team can be even more expensive in the long run and much more time-consuming. 

The agency you hire can also lend expertise in a broad range of digital marketing services. Some of these include: 

How to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

Great. But how do you choose an agency that can create an amazing content ecosystem for your brand?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do they know your industry? Does the agency get you and your customers? For example, the health industry has a lot of privacy restrictions to deal with. An agency with a health background can keep in mind these external and internal regulations.
  • Are their past clients happy with them? If you don’t find positive testimonials, be cautious. Of course, it may be a new agency. If so, dig deeper into the staff that would be working with you. How experienced are they? Do they have previous experience working at reputable agencies?
  • Do they seem pleasant to work with? You’ll be having a significant amount of interactions with these people. You don’t want to dread those meetings.
  • Do they value a long-term relationship over one-time profit? A smart agency will want to turn a profit. A smarter agency will want its clients to become regulars, which means building trust.
  • Do they prioritize customer research and strategy, not just implementation? It’s important to know what customers actually need. Research and strategy work will mean more effective design and implementation.

Consider hiring a superhero team that can set you up with digital marketing solutions to keep your company on an upward climb for a long time. 

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