Working with professional journalists is a key part of successful content marketing programs.

When companies deem their content marketing campaigns a failure, it’s often because they didn’t take them seriously enough in the first place to hire an expert. Getting trained journalists to spearhead your content efforts — not the 19-year-old intern or your niece (unless she’s a professional content producer, of course!) — means you’re getting expertise in how to tell an engaging story, as well as how to measure the success of what you’re doing.

A good editor can also help you:

Maintain a consistent voice. When you’re getting content from multiple sources, everyone is apt to write in their own personal style. This is where a good editor comes in. He can take the column loaded with academic jargon from your CFO and the breezily written blog post from the events coordinator and make them sound like they come from the same entity.

It’s not about squashing individual voices but about giving all the content your company produces a cohesive feel. Pick up your favorite magazine, and you’ll notice that even though there are many different bylines, there’s a certain style all the articles share.

Know which content should be delivered on which platforms. Is your message well-suited to a blog post, or would it work better in an e-book? A good editor knows the answer to that question. Should you be on Facebook or Twitter or both? Again, a good editor can help you figure out where to focus your time and money.

Produce error-free copy. Most people know that spelling and grammar count, but there’s more to creating easy-to-read content than that — and it’s tougher than it looks. Good editors make style decisions on what should be capitalized and how to handle certain terms that are technically correct when written multiple ways. They watch for anything jarring that would stop a reader in his tracks and take away from the message you’re trying to convey. And, yes, they ensure propper spellimg, and grammer in all that you rite.

(See what we mean? A good editor would go to town on that sentence — and make sure you come out looking like the professional company you are.)

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