Print Dominates Content Marketing Spend, For Now


Print remains king when it comes to content, according to a new survey from the Custom Content Council and ContentWise, called “Characteristics Study: A Look at the Volume and Type of Content Marketing in America for 2013.”

Print takes up the lion’s share of content marketing dollars, but there are plenty of other platforms experiencing growth. Overall, custom content spending on production and distribution rose to $43.9 billion, which is the second highest amount ever reported, and all forms — including print, electronic, and other — were on the rise.

That includes video, which is the fastest and most consistently growing medium; 62 percent of respondents report using it in their content marketing, and 57 percent expect to use it more in the future.

“All of these metrics show a solid commitment to custom, no matter what the form of distribution,” said Lori Rosen, executive director of the Custom Content Council, in a press release.

Findings for print products included the following:

  • The average circulation for printed publications rose slightly to 50,943 per issue. The average annual circulation per title was 310,752 copies.
  • The frequency is at 6.1 times a year, or roughly every other month.
  • The average page count is now 30.2 pages, which is the highest page count in the survey’s 13-year history.
  • Ads are up 8 percent from last year.
  • Companies are producing fewer titles than before, with the average being 1.3 — meaning most businesses are putting their resources into creating just one title.
  • The primary target for publications is an external audience, with 73 percent of print products aimed outside. For communicating internally, intranets are popular.
  • The U.S. Postal Service still handles delivery for the majority of publications, but gains are being made by other paid delivery options.

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