10 Content Ideas for Your Medical Practice’s Facebook Page

By Laura Johnson

 Easy Content Ideas for Creating Content for Medical Practices' Facebook Pages

Once you have made the effort to create a Facebook page for your medical practice, the next challenge is regularly posting engaging information for the page’s fans. Keep the following list handy for quick and easy post ideas.

  1. Share your accomplishments, as well as those of your staff. Certifications, recognitions and honors posted to your Facebook page can make a positive impression. If you have a photo to go along with the accomplishment, even better.
  2. For most parents, everything revolves around the demanding school calendar. Use that to your advantage. If you treat children and adolescents, post a reminder a few weeks before summer, Christmas break and spring break to schedule an appointment. If you treat adults, post a reminder the week after those breaks for parents to schedule their appointment now that the kids are back in school.
  3. To tie yourself more closely to the community, post encouraging messages about the hometown team. Find out when high school homecoming is, and wish the students a happy and safe homecoming. If you have a professional team playing a key game, have a staff spirit day and post a photo.
  4. Show some personality by posting photos of you and/or your staff engaged in healthy activities. Does your medical assistant run 5ks? Tell him to take a photo. Is your office manager planting a garden this weekend? Tell her to get a pic. Do you like to ride bikes with your family? Be sure to get a photo.
  5. Post information about preventive care. Remind your patients to get their mammogram, colonoscopy and vaccinations.
  6. Share a health news story and comment on it.
  7. Create a list. Some of the most popular posts on Facebook are lists, and they are often shared. Posts that are shared will put your name and practice in front of an exponential number of potential new patients. Try “The five best things you can eat for breakfast,” or “Three signs you may be having a heart attack,” or “Five reasons you should see a dermatologist.”
  8. Post photos of you and your staff in the community. The next time you speak to the PTA, or your staff mans a booth at a health fair, or you volunteer at an event, be sure to take pics for posting.
  9. Review a health observances calendar and write brief posts tied to the issue of the month. Use this sparingly, however, as every health issue seems to have its own month these days. Your patients will ignore your posts if they begin to sound like a running list of the disease of the month.
  10. Don’t forget to create posts about seasonal health concerns. No doubt many of your patients suffer the misery of allergies, the flu and winter colds. Give them your best advice.{{cta(‘e38d9016-a5dd-4540-8836-7e7062dfcd55’)}}

Laura Johnson

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