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three C's

Where does a successful agency/client partnership really start? It begins well before we develop your m360 Marketing Map, and months prior to your first lead-generation campaign, and far in advance of any foundational SEO work. It starts with a good fit.

We’ve learned through the years that small- and medium-sized B2B companies who have what we call The 3 C’s make for the best fit — and the best partners.

Three C's Puzzle


You should feel confident that madison/miles
is the right agency to drive your digital marketing
strategy — and we should feel confident that we can
build your brand, achieve your goals and show you
tangible results.


We embrace a culture that focuses on true
partnership, not “winning” at the expense of
the other party. We look for partners/clients
who feel the same.



You can’t build a rocket in a day (well, you
could, but it would probably crash). And you
can’t truly transform your digital marketing
strategy with a single, short-term campaign.
That’s why we work in one-year intervals (part
of what we call the m3 Marketing Method),
taking the time to fully understand your
business, identify opportunities and improve
your strategy in demonstrable ways.

Does this sound like you —
from C to shining C?
(Yeah, that was a stretch.)

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