Advertising Strategy and Sales

"Imagine a marketing program that costs you little or nothing."
It sounds kind of ridiculous, right? Like a cheesy sales pitch.

The thing is, it’s actually possible—and it’s reality for some of our clients. That’s because we sell print and digital advertising into their content marketing vehicles.

In many cases, the ad revenue we generate pays for some or even all of their entire content marketing program—everything from writing and design to coding and printing.

This Is How We Do It

Some clients have customers with such value and appeal that advertisers welcome the opportunity to deliver their messages right alongside our clients’ content.

We reach out to these companies not just with standalone advertising options, but also with complete, cross-platform packages, category exclusivity and other key components—think sponsorships of digital issues with video clips, advertorials, supplements and more.

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Our Four-Step Approach

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Identify advertising prospects in your market
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Assemble cross-platform ad packages
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Create ad options with low- and no-costs for you, but high value for advertisers
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Launch an ongoing, multimedia sales campaign

“Their creativity helped us find new ways of generating revenue and increasing advertising sales around EXPO, our biggest annual event.”

Darel Cook, Director of Expositions & Meetings

It’s In Our DNA

Our understanding of how to monetize content is one of the major differentiators between us and other content marketing agencies.

For decades before co-founding madison/miles media, Adam Weiss pioneered and managed the first successful advertorial section in USA Today; outsold Martha Stewart and Bob Villa at the height of their popularity with the use of creative content packages; and sold content packages to NASCAR sponsors.

And since the start of madison/miles media, Adam and his team have sold content marketing and native advertising packages to ExxonMobil, Dell, Johnson & Johnson, Owens Corning and many others.

In other words, we know what it takes to sell advertising in and around content.

Associations and Ad Sales

We’ve found that many associations have a great opportunity to significantly increase advertising revenue in their content-driven platforms (magazines, websites, etc.)—especially if they have:

  • A loyal member base
  • A high annual spend by most members
  • A readership made up almost largely of the decision makers for purchasing
  • Advertiser interest in receiving an implied endorsement, of sorts, from the association by advertising in its publication